Capiz Conundrum

So our capiz shells arrived last night for the shade of our new lamp! We pulled them out of the box, ready to see the lamp all put together, and found that each strand of shells was intricately wrapped in a plastic bag and tightly taped. Luckily
Unfortunately I had to leave to help a friend with her wedding programs, so the hubster was on his own. I snagged a few shots of him carefully unwrapping the delicate shells before I left:

Look at that concentration! I cheered him up by reminding him that if he thought this was bad, imagine being the poor person who has to wrap those things up for a living! I'm so thoughtful.

When I got home - success! The lamp was beautiful, we both loved it, and even better - the hubster decided he liked the capiz mirror I posted below! Unfortunately, when we measured, he thought it was a little small...and so the mirror search continues.

And by the way, the cats seem to love the lamp too, so I'm just waiting to come home to some sort of catastrophe...


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