Foam Explosion!

So I was all dolled up to go out to dinner with my college girlfriends last night and was closing up shop before heading out, when my to my surprise, I found two large boxes sitting on my front porch! How and when they arrived there I know not.

Although it was definitely time for me to leave, I HAD to look inside. I was seriously hoping it was my lamps (arrived ahead of schedule) and I had worked too hard to get them (see Lamp Love post below) to stay in suspense any longer. Since I was lacking time, I ripped into the mass of tape, cardboard, and foam with a vengeance, leaving a colossal pit of trash
quite a treat for the hubster when he arrived home from work.

They were everything I had hoped and dreamed for...or so I thought since they came in parts. So of course, considering I was already running late for dinner, I had to put them together, right? Perfection. Still waiting on the capiz shells for one of them, but I can tell it's going to be a beaut!

Now I just have to find the perfect side table or paint the hand-me-down we currently have. Suggestions/opinions welcome! And as for dinner? Thanks to some crazy speeding
skillful driving, I made it on time to the restaurant, only to drive around the block about ten times looking for a parking space.


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