America meet Australia

And last but not least time for a makeover for guest room number three, again with our fabulous host, Possum!

Nikki and Dan each have a flag signed by the friends they met in the other's country. They'd love to hang these mementos as art, and I thought this room would be the perfect place for them, as the white bed and the blue bedding coordinate well with the symbols of Nikki and Dan's two favorite places on Earth. So without further ado, here's the plan:

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Reds, whites, and blues combine with crisp greys and tropical greens to create a modern yet patriotic space. Hopefully Aunt Barb feels right at home surrounded by the colors of her homeland!

  • The bed will be centered on the large wall to the right of the window
  • Above the bed will hang the flags, with the red, grey, and global pillows below
  • The blue, grey, and white striped throw will tie everything in at the foot of the bed
  • Floating bedside tables will flank the bed complete with artwork depicting the Statue of Liberty and Marilyn Monroe (and maybe the Queen or a kangaroo?) along with sculptural potted grass. Reading materials for guests can be housed in the shelf above.
  • Hanging above the bedside tables will be white square pendant lights to assist guests with nighttime reading.
  • Four nature-inspired paintings will be hung on the wall opposite the bed with a potted palm beneath.

Happy early fourth of July everyone!

Red Willow Painting - Bobby Berk Home
White Pebbles Painting - Inhabit Living
Grey Pussy Willow Painting - Inhabit Living
Red Floral Painting - Velocity Art & Design
White Pendant - YLighting
Floating Bedside Table - IKEA
Statue of Liberty Art - Wisteria
Marilyn Monroe Print -
Flags - Homeowner's
Potted Grass - Snappy Turtle Trading
Bedding - Homeowner's
Throw Blanket -
Global Pillow - Lekker Home
Gray Pillows - Crate & Barrel
Red Pillows - 2Modern
Potted Palm - Bellacor


  1. I LOVE the theme in this room!!! Great way to use our if only I could find all of this stuff in Oz! :)

  2. I LOVE the theme in this room!!! Great way to use our if only I could find all of this stuff in Oz! :)



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