Bathroom Progress

The demo is over and the tiling has begun! The hubster and his dad worked really hard yesterday and got a lot accomplished. The cheap tub surround was ripped out:

Backer board was put up and the tiling began. Here they are spending time together on what I'm sure is one of his dad's favorite Father's Days:

I mean, who wouldn't want to spend Father's Day in their son's bathtub?

We spent the majority of today shopping for fixtures. We had previously purchased these fixtures at the Home Depot:

They weren't really to Kevin's more modern taste and they also weren't really to my more classic taste, they were just super boring somewhere in between. A compromise. Then we got them home and realized...they were plastic.

So we had to start from scratch. Today, we decided to visit a smaller specialty store, Hajoca, and found fixtures that suited both of our taste and were cast from solid brass with a chrome finish:

They are made by Luxart and we are so excited to get a week. So we weren't exactly planning to wait that long to have our bathroom finished, but it will definitely be worth the wait to have solid fixtures that will go the distance.

So here's to our parents, who not only help us with our DIY home reno (and on Father's Day to boot), but also let us crash at their houses while we are showerless. Thanks and we love you!


  1. Aw - what a cute father/son pictures! ;) haha
    I LOVE the fixtures you chose! I'm almost as excited as you are to see it all done! :)



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