Frugal Finds

I took some photos at our neighborhood yard sale on Saturday:

Although we have a larger driveway space near the garage (not to mention an entire garage) in which we could have held our sale, we kept it closer to the sidewalk and road so that potential shoppers could spot us easily. It also prevented people from being scared off by having to walk too far onto our property.

A clearly labeled sign at on top of the cooler signaled to people that refreshments were available as well as that everything was negotiable.

Clustering alike items together makes for easier shopping as well as speedier pricing. We put one sticky label on the table that indicated the price for both small and large frames. We did the same for the VHS tapes, DVD's, and CD's pictured below:

And like I said in the last post, we made almost fifty bucks and got rid of a ton of clutter. Here's what we spent our money on:

This upholstered rocker caught my eye as I scouted around the neighborhood. As I walked up to it, I saw the price tag and was was on sale for five dollars! I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked the owner if there was something wrong with it. Apparently everything at her sale was priced very low because she was moving! She needed to get rid of as much as possible.

I quickly walked back around the corner to have the hubster check it out. He promptly paid for it and brought the truck around. We were lucky we got it when we did. Right after he bought it a few other people tried to purchase our chair.

Amazingly it fit up our steep and narrow stairs:

and into our future nursery (which still needs chair rail) - score! It is comfortable with a nice, neutral fabric - no stains and smells fresh as a daisy. Now that's what I call a frugal find!

I also collected a few milk glass vases ranging from 25 cents to 50 cents in price:

This one was perfect for our mantle.

The other two I found at different locations, but later realized that they matched perfectly! This one ended up on our TV stand (with President Obama):

And here is its twin on the wine rack in the dining room:

Finally, I couldn't resist buying this Lite Brite for one dollar:

I started this masterpiece, but before I could finish the bulb burned out - fail. I didn't have any that were the right size, so I'll have to continue my color-by-letter art after I go to the store. It did bring back some great memories though!

So that's it for my frugal finds this year. Just goes to prove that one man's trash really is another man's treasure!



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