Mini Skirt Maxi Dress

So I'm thinking about getting a maxi dress to hide my pale, pasty legs. I'm not really sure how they will look on my 5'5" frame, but they look incredibly comfortable and very cute!

Here is what a few of the style experts said about 'mini women' wearing maxi dresses:

Maxi Dresses for Mini Women

  • Choose a style that is well cut and avoid tent-like diaphonous skirts, to prevent being swamped.
  • To stop a full, long skirt from swamping you, teem it with chunky heels and a fitted waistcoat.
  • A closer fitting empire line will flatter most figures, and if you need to disguise a big tummy then a drape of material at the front will cover the lumps and bumps.
  • With careful style selection a maxi dress can add extra height rather than take it away - a sleeker, stylish A-line or bias cut, is more complimentary for shorter women.

Here are a few I'm into:

Delia's - $49.50

Forever 21 - $27.80

Arden B - $78

Bloomingdale's - $88

Aeropostale $24.99

Express $88

NY&Co 39.95

Which one do you think I should buy?


  1. I really like aeropostle and express ones. Pretty!

  2. Express and Arden B dresses are pretty! You'd look gorgeous Lauren! I have a maxi dress kinda Express style with straps that cross in the back and love it!!

  3. I really like all of these! I am picky with these dresses too. I like the last one because you can dazzle with plan blue with nice fancy jewelry. And I like the express one.



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