Orange & Turquoise

A few days ago, Nestie, Ashley, wrote:

For our bedroom I was envisioning something really sleek, with punches of bold color. My thoughts were slate colored walls with dark brown bedding and drapes, with accents of orange and I crazy? Should I stick with one color? If so, the orange, or the turquoise?

For the accent colors, I'd like to find a great pillow or two, Throw blanket, and a painting over the bed. Maybe something small on the nightstand, but I don't want to go overboard.

I'm also debating on whether I want the walls to be slate, and the bedding brown, or the walls brown, and the bedding slate.

I know this probably isn't everybody's style, but I would definitely appreciate your input!

Inspiration for this idea board came from Sproost's Zen Style:

And Modern/Contemporary Style:

As Ashley just purchased her home and has yet to move in, I don't have any current photos of the room to post. So on to the idea boards:

Idea Board 1: Turquoise

Idea Board 2: Orange

(Click to make larger)

Clean lines, natural elements, and bold color combine to create two spectacular spaces! Which one do you prefer?

Paint: Ralph Lauren
Wall Decal: Design Public
Bed & Dresser: Crate & Barrel
Wall Sconce: YLighting
Curtain Board 1: Crate & Barrel
Curtain Board 2: Anthropologie
Floor Lamp: CB2
Art: Velocity Art & Design
Rug: CB2
Pillow Board 1: 2Modern
Pillow Board 2: 2Modern
White Throw Blanket: IKEA
Chocolate Bedding: Bed Bath & Beyond
White Chair: IKEA
Bonsai Plant: Home Depot


  1. oo clean bold and contemporary - just my style!

    I really like the idea! I think visually I like the slate walls with brown bedding and I like the orange accents...but then again - maybe the slate walls will seem too cold? Just my opinion! :)

  2. OK I just realized this is not for your bedroom haha! I was surprised when I thought you were going with the modern style...anyway - I stick to what I said before!



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