Would you...

Ever consider painting your perfectly good wood floors for a decorating statement?

No, not the Brazilian Walnut we just put in on the first floor, but maybe the beat up old oak or old laminate wood upstairs? Here are some tips from Nestie, SarahToledo:
  • Sand all the finish off of your floor, or if it's unfinished (which would be very unlikely), just lightly sand to rough it up. We rented an orbital sander and it was a pretty quick job, I did it myself. We used three, progressively finer grits and washed the floor between each sanding, which raises the grain.
  • Then, mask off any pattern you want and use a porch and floor primer before a couple coats of porch and floor paint.
  • Follow up with 3-6 coats of polyurethane. I only use water-based products, and IIRC, you can't mix water-based things with oil-based.
  • Be prepared for a somewhat rustic look, as paint will eventually settle into the cracks, and it's just never perfect. I love the farmhouse/modern look ours took on. (diamond pattern above)

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