Decorating with...Books!

Sure, we all have a bookshelf or two in our house, but these people have really taken it to the next level and made a statement with their reading material:

Books can add texture, color, and movement to any room. Here are some tips on using books as decor:

  • Prop It Up -- Stack three books on a side table to use as a raised display area. Set a lamp, sculpture, urn, or plant (in a waterproof cache pot) on top of the books. This is a great way to raise another accessory that may be too short as well as create some interest in a display.
  • Wall of Reading -- For a large book collection, build or purchase enough bookshelves to fill one wall of a room, or one side of a wide hallway. You'll get lots of storage in only 8 to 13" of floor space.
  • Nook-y -- Create an instant nook area by a window, fireplace, or even on a blank wall, by flanking the space with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Set a desk, loveseat, or comfortable chair in the nook, or use the nook area for built-ins.
  • Side Table -- Stack a set of very large books on the floor next to a chair, then top with a small piece of glass to use as an end table. Place the books in a column or fan them around for a more interesting look.
  • Title View -- Place stacks of books sideways on shelves so they are horizontal and titles are easily readable. It's a great idea to alternate vertical with horizontal stacks so the shelf display looks a bit more interesting.

From Better Homes & Gardens:
  • An Uplifting Read -- Elevate the importance of a treasured book jacket by displaying it as a work of art. Solo or one of a group, book art will catch the eye. Find mini easels at hobby and crafts stores.

From HGTV:
  • Jacket-less -- Take the jackets off novel-sized books but leave the decorative covers on other types of books such as art or gardening editions. Face books out with the bound side visible for a more eye pleasing display.

And a few more from yours truly:
  • Color Cliques - Group like colors together to create a bold statement
  • Accenting Act - Use books that are similar in color to the decor of the room to create a look that's easy on the eyes
  • Architectural Gem - Make the bookshelves themselves something to talk about - find or create something that is an interesting shape, angle your shelves, or just make your bookshelves toweringly tall.
  • Unique Location - Find an unusual spot to store books, like an unused fireplace or wine rack - it'll be a great conversation piece.
So if you're an avid reader, make your books work harder for you and take your cluttered collection to an amazing assemblage!



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