Doors in = Shower Time!

Okay so the bathroom isn't finished BUT the shower is! That is really all I care about. I loooove that I can now shower in my own home again. Not the gym. Not the neighbors'. Not my parents' or inlaws'. MY house. MINE. (Okay, honey, ours.) I was so excited to shower in MY shower that I chronicled the process through photos (no not of me actually showering...get your minds out of the gutter!)

The doors:

I think they are the most beautiful doors I have ever seen:

The amazing and shiny towel bar on which to drape my washcloth:

The clean white shelf on which to place my soap:

And another clean white shelf on which to place my shampoo and conditioner:

The shiny and fabulous faucet through which my water flows:

And last but not least, the splendid shower head that is my Heaven on Earth:

(Who knew someone could love a shower head so much?) Going to get clean - see you later!


  1. YaY! It looks like a very nice shower, too! I love the white shelves for the soap and the shampoo, great addition.

  2. Hurray! I love the tile and the fixtures! I bet you're going to be a bathroom hog for at least a week! lol

    Your blog header is awesome! Great job!



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