Neighborhood Tour

The hubster and I love to go on walks through our neighborhood and pick out the houses that we are going to buy when we strike it rich. I love all of the unique architecture, large trees, and lush landscaping in our area. The neighborhood is really one of the main reasons we bought our house. It is close to work, stores, dining, and conveniences, it's in a good school district, and is just absolutely beautiful. I love that no two houses are the same. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

This beautiful half-timber and brick beauty is right across the street from our tiny Tudor:

We love visiting this fabulous Mediterranean-style beauty every year during the neighborhood yard sale. They always have fabulous items up for grabs:

I love the pointy peaks of this Cotswald Cottage style home, although I'd probably change the colors a bit if it were my own:

One of my absolute favorites is surpisingly somewhat Colonial, but with a European flair:

I adore the fountain they added to the front walkway:

And dream about lounging on this private and luxurious balcony:

This Tudor-inspired home also tops my list with the towering trees, beautiful brick, and stunning stonework. I also am in love with the arched doorway:

Another home with beautiful angles and lovely tall trees:

Another tiny Tudor that takes my breath away:

And last but not least, I love the clean lines, gorgeous stone wall, and bright red door of this immaculate Colonial:

I could go on, but maybe in another post!

So did you buy your house for the location also, or were you more wowed by the house itself than it's 'hood?


  1. We do something similar! We love walking through our neighborhood, looking at all of the different house designs and styles! (And I think that your neighborhood and mine were connected at one point in time, as well as the neighborhood across the street from your neighborhood).

  2. I love those types of neighborhoods. The one I grew up in was like that. We lived in a small 2 bedroom bungalow, but the house behind us was a spanish-looking mansion. I still love to go back and drool at all the homes there!



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