Bathroom Update (Yes, We're STILL Working on It!)

So between going to Australia, starting school, and dealing with a pregnant woman, the hubster hasn't had as much time as he'd like to devote to the bathroom project. Many of his evenings are currently spent cooking food for Baby H and me, helping out around the house, or running out to get the latest craving I happen to be having. He has found some time to make some slow and steady progress on the bathroom floor, however. First he removed the baseboard trim:

Next he used a circular saw to cut through multiple layers of laminate flooring and plywood:

And after what seemed like an archeological dig, finally found the original wood floor beneath, which was NOT in good shape:

So he ripped that out too:

Oh, the joys of owning a 75-year-old home! It was kind of fun to see all of the hideous flooring though, I have to admit. I always puzzle over who picked that particular flooring and why, and then I wonder if someday someone will ponder my design choices...


  1. That last pic of the camera looking up at Kevin is really cool!

  2. i can totally relate to the bathroom project. our house is ancient too. we have the exact same doors that you have! with the knob and everything. congrats on baby H=)

  3. Yes I love the doors and the knobs :) I'd like to have more of them actually. I like some parts of the ancientness, like the great character, but other parts, like ten billion layers of linoleum, I can do without!



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