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It's been a LONG while since I last posted...a whole month it seems. Maybe you'll all forgive me when I say that something else has come to occupy much of my energy and thoughts. The hubster and I discovered shortly after the school year started that the H-family is going to be growing! Now that I'm out of my first trimester, I am hoping it is safe to tell all of you. Here is Baby H's first photo:

So far Baby H has been a great baby! No morning sickness, just a little bit of food aversion here and there. My main complaint has been extreme fatigue, which has kept me from wanting to do much of anything but read or stare at the boob tube. Pregnancy brain has limited the number of creative thoughts I've had and thus, the blog has suffered.

I can't guarantee that the number of posts will be large or even frequent, but I'm hoping in this second trimester I will have more energy to post now and again. And I hope you'll forgive me a second time if the posts happen to focus on a specific topic, as that seems to be the one that is foremost in my thoughts. I think the blog could be a great way to document my first adventure through pregnancy and motherhood - I'm sure it'll be a heck of a ride!

P.S. The photo above is from a fantastic set of children's illustrated that one of my elementary teacher friends discovered - check them out here.,



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