Making Space

Not only is my tummy making space lately, our little house will have to find some room to grow as well.

Cleaning out the junk room
nursery to make space for baby furniture, toys, diapers, and clothes is quite the task. There is simply no other space for the items it currently houses, like the hubster's extensive CD collection, my scrap booking supplies, books, and other odds and ends. Some things, like most of my scrap booking supplies, will have to be parted with. Others, like the hubster's CD collection and our books, will stay.

I've tried to think of many different storage solutions, from bookshelves to cabinets, but there is simply no more space in the H-Haus for new items of furniture. Finally, I came across the idea of underbed storage bins. What a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space! And these boxes from the Container Store are the perfect size for our books and CD's:

I was able to fit six under the bed in our master bedroom alone. And for all of the loose photos that haven't found their way into a scrapbook - the Cropper Hopper photo case:

This case is perfect for storing photos - you can sort them into different plastic sections, and sort them even further with provided paper dividers. Flip the box over and find another section for larger format photos:

The case latches tightly and has a sturdy handle for carrying it around. My photos are now sorted and happily protected for years to come!

So it looks like for making space, plastic is where it's at. It's amazing all of the options that are out there now (and a little overwhelming), but it's so worth it when you see your chaos tamed. We have a long way to go to get the room back to a blank slate, but a definite dent has been made!

What creative solutions have you used to make space, control your clutter, and calm the chaos in your home?


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