Chair Choice

So the hubster and I have finally decided on chairs. It was much easier after the table was in the space (pics of that coming soon). Here is what I think is my final idea board for the space:

I had to laugh because I thought the hubster and I sounded a little like Goldilocks and the Three Chairs Bears while we were online chair shopping...

Mostly while looking at Target. They had a few different chairs that we liked, at great prices, but after looking at the photos and reviews, all we could think was...

In the end we decided to go with this similar chair from Overstock:

And it helped that we got free shipping and found a promotional code online! I love promo codes. Now to decide on the two upholstered chairs we are going to purchase. I would really LOVE to have these slipcovered parsons chairs from Ballard Designs:

But they are a little too $$. A mere $209 per slipcover (not counting the chair). So unless someone gifts me a money tree for Christmas, I'll have to pinch  my pennies for a long time to purchase these puppies. Here is something (kind of but not really) similar from IKEA that I don't like nearly as much, but with a price tag of $79 (for the actual chair, not just the cover), are infinitely more in our price range:

Maybe I would like them better if they were skirted? But unfortunately this option does not exist. If anyone knows where I can find a closer (and inexpensive) match to the Ballard chairs, I will worship you forever!


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