Stair Solution

So eventually the hubster and I are going to rip out the carpet that covers the stairs and upstairs hallway. I know that underneath the carpet at least part of the hallway is tile. Ugly green tile. Probably asbestos tile. So that will have to get covered back up. I'm not sure what is lurking beneath the carpet on the stairs. Is it fabulous wood? Horribly damaged wood? Something else? It's hard to say, we've had so many surprises in floor removal.

I've been thinking of options in case what we find is less-than-desirable.

Option 1: Recarpet.
Option 2: Replace the wood
Option 3: Have the wood refinished

Now I have come up with an option 4: Paint the stairs

I found these amazing inspiration photos on Door Sixteen recently...

And I love them! Probably won't happen because the carpet that will inevitably have to cover the asbestos tile will most likely have to be continued onto the stairs, but a girl can dream, right?


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