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A while back, engaged couple Ricki and Dan asked me to come up with an idea board for their wedding. They were in the early stages of planning and were thinking of having their wedding on a cruise ship, so we went with a Nautical theme:

You can check out the original post here. Since then, their ideas and plans have evolved somewhat and their wedding and reception will no longer be on the high seas. Ricki wrote to me to come up with a new idea board for her new ideas:

Hi Lauren,

Dan and I are now set to have a night, summer wedding in July 2011. The colors we have decided on are a bright pink (azalea or fushia) as our main color, with plum and another paler pink as accent colors. The drapes and chairs at our venue are gold, so that will be an accent as well. We want something bright and modern that conveys a fun, party-like vibe, but is also romantic. The venue has an outdoor patio where the bar will be and it has twinkly lights. I would like to incorporate colored paper lanterns out there.  At this point the "theme" or "motif" is going to be a star, but I don't want a celestial theme, as our colors are pink and purple.  We want star as in sparkles and confetti and parties!  I'm thinking we will exit the wedding through a line of people holding sparklers!!! There won't be many flowers, but we'd like to incorporate pink, purple, sparkles, and stars in a way that is fun and modern, not tacky and bad prom-ish. HELP!!! 

What, Ricki, you don't want your wedding to look bad prom-ish? That's a high standard to live up to, but I'll see what I can do! Here's what I came up with:

Fuschia? Check! Plum? Check! Gold, sparkles, and glitz? Check! And maybe these invitations:

I hope this helps with your wedding planning, Ricki and Dan! Congratulations!

Bridesmaid Dresses - JCrew
Orchid Bouquet -
Calla Bowl - FloralArt LA
Cake -The Sugar Syndicate
Cake Topper - Say It With Cake
Star Lanterns - Paper Lantern Store
Round Lanterns - Paper Lantern Store
Invitations - Sandstone Wedding Invitations
Sparklers - Destination Wedding Favors
Crackle Glaze Globe with Fairy Lights - Polyvore


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