Happy 101 Award

A big thank you to Julia from Pugs not Drugs for passing along the Happy 101 Award to me!


Here are ten things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1. The hubster - he's smart, funny, handy around the house, and oh so handsome! Not to mention the fact that he's going to make a great daddy. I don't know how I got so lucky - love you honey!

2. Pretty pictures, paintings, and prints. Especially when they have pretty pinks, turquoises, corals, and peaches in them. Really just color in general. I love color, I love creativity, I love eye candy. I think this is really what attracted me so much to the blogging world - I love seeing new inspiring images every day.

3. Vacations - I hate traveling (especially planes - I'm way too claustrophobic for them) but I love visiting new places! I've now been to Australia twice (my sister lives there now), as well as to Germany, Austria, and a bit of Italy. I'm sure our traveling will slow down a bit now that Violet is on the way, but someday we hope to take lots of family trips like the Hubster did growing up. His dad is from Germany and taught German here in the U.S., so he had a lot of opportunities to take trips to Europe growing up. We hope to do the same for our little ones.

 Australia 2009

Germany 2006

Austria 2006

Australia 2005

4. FOOD - Although I was pickier growing up, I've always loved food. Luckily I married a man who will eat anything and who is an amazing cook. I'm glad that I have someone who encourages me to broaden my horizons. The only bad thing about being married to him is that he is literally a bottomless pit. He can eat two to three times what I put away (and I'm no light eater). So I get pretty jealous when something tastes soooo good and my tummy just won't let me eat anymore, but he's still shoveling it in. My taste buds have changed a bit since I've been pregnant as well. I wouldn't say for better or for worse, they're just different. Current obsessions include muffins, chocolate, celery, clementines, peanut butter, cheese, and FRUIT!


5. My family and friends - they are such an incredible support for me, especially since I've been pregnant. They put up with my moodiness and crazy emotions. And they always know how to make me laugh! Love you all!


6. A good book. Some of my favorites include anything Jane Austen, the Wicked series, LOTR, and the Dune Series. I'm definitely a nerdly bookworm. I like fantasy, sci fi, and classics. Growing up my nose was always in a book. When I really get into one I can't stop myself - I have to keep reading until I'm finished, but then I'm sad when the story is over. I get pretty attached to the characters. I think that's why I love books that are in a series - it's not as sad when you finish reading one.

Image Source

7. Fresh Flowers - Daffodils are my favorite because they are so cheerful. And peonies are so pretty. but really I love them all! Fresh flowers can cheer up any day and any room. It doesn't matter if they are from the grocer, florist, or freshly picked from the garden - you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Maybe violets should be listed as a fav now too...

Image Source

8. My kitty cats - they are always there for a good snuggle and a laugh when I'm feeling down. I love their little big personalities. Charlie with his wildness, willfullness, and curiosity. And what a camera ham! Moe with his neuroses, snuggling, and purring. I know very few other cats whose favorite thing in life is having their belly rubbed.

9. Etsy - I could literally browse for hours upon hours. I love the handmade items, the vintage items, I love it all. What did we do before etsy?

10. Last but definitely not least - dreaming about my baby girl. I can't wait to see what Violet looks like, hear her little voice, and smell her little baby head. Eleven more weeks!

So there are my ten. I could go on. But I won't. Instead I will list my ten of my favorite blogs and pass this award on to them:


  1. Loved your post, great to learn more about you!! Thank you so much for the award!!

  2. Loved this post!! You are BEAUTIFUL and we have so much in common! I would love to go to Australia!!!!!

    This is such a fun award and Im so honored that you picked me out of so many wonderful blogs that you could have!!! You are amazing!!!! xoxox thanks soooo much!

  3. Thanks ladies - and you're very welcome Maria and Priscila! Thanks for your continued inpiration each day!

  4. Violet, what a gorgeous name. If our LO is a girl, we may have to add it to our list. :o)



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