I'm Loving...

These maternity clothes:

From top left to top right:
Blue Jersey Tiered-Sleeve Tee - Old Navy Maternity - $7.50
Blue Striped Dress - Asos - $44.38
Grey Striped Tee - TopShop - $36.00
Navy Flutter Tunic - Posh Maternity - $64.00

From bottom left to bottom right:
Grey Cowl Neck Sweater - Target - $21.99
Grey Striped Dress - TopShop - $55.00
Black Tights - Assets - $18.00
Grey & Black Mock Sweater - Motherhood & Maternity - $24.99

So far I own the sweater from Motherhood & Maternity (which fits great and is very flattering) and the tights from Assets. I LOVE the tights. They are incredibly comfortable.

As far as some maternity fashion advice, I definitely recommend getting pants with a FULL panel at the top:

You may not feel like you need them in first tri or even second, but trust me, when third tri rolls around you will be sorry if your pants don't have full tummy coverage!

Buy a BellaBand:

It's a stretchy band that helps hold up your pants. It will let you wear your non-maternity pants for a longer period of time. It will also help hold up maternity pants (some of them keep stretching and stretching as you wear them and start to fall down).

Ask your mommy friends if you can borrow some of their maternity clothing. I did this and it saved me lots of $$. And if they get pregnant again, you can return the favor! Happy shopping :)

If any of you pregnant ladies or moms have any other maternity fashion advice or favorite places to shop, I'd love to hear about it - a girl can use all the help she can get!


  1. I love Old Navy's maternity clothes.....good deals online!

  2. I love Old Navy's maternity clothes.....good deals online!



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