A Sister-In-Law's Shower

I was recently asked by Joi to create a bridal shower idea board for her sister-in-law:

Hi Lauren,

First, I think this is an outstanding service! Thank you so much!

I am hosting a bridal shower in a couple of months for my sister-in-law. She is a soon to be 24 year old pharmacy student graduate. She likes pink. Her wedding is in San Diego on the cliffside and she likes more mainstream ideas. I like more trendy/vintage/"out there" ideas, but I want her shower to be a representation of her. I know I want to use the Martha Stewart Poms, but am kind of stuck on the rest. I want her to be able to see that there is more out there than balloons and streamers!!!! : ) Her shower is going to be at my mother-in-law's home which is a two story early 1900's home.

Thanks for attempting this and please feel free to send any questions to my email! Thanks again for such an outstanding service!!!!

Joi Svezia

A pink shower with poms? Sounds perfect! Here's what I came up with:

A few more ideas for you:

A bridal shower game that isn't cheesy and seems to be a hit is to make up a list of questions, e.g. What is _____'s least favorite chore? What is _______'s favorite food? and have the guests and guest of honor answer them about both her and her fiance. I did this at my sister's shower and I actually video taped her fiance answering the questions about himself. I then played the video after she answered each question. I also video taped his answers to the questions about her so that he got to be in the hot seat too. It was a definite hit!

As far as prizes for games, the bridesmaids each brought a basket with a different theme - e.g. chocolate lovers' basket, movie night basket, spa basket, etc. and they were given as prizes for the different games. The martini glasses could be the favors or you could just do some cute bags or boxes with pink candy.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

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