Annali's Shared Nursery

Recently, Annali wrote me about her shared nursery space:

Hi Lauren, I need help!  

My husband and I have a two year old son, Henry, and are expecting another boy April 30th.  We recently purchased a four bedroom house, with two rooms on the main floor and two rooms upstairs.  While the boys are young, we've decided to keep them both on the main floor with us.  The only problem is.....their room is TINY and has no closet!  This will only be their room for a couple of years and I'm determined to make it work. 

Henry will be moving to a classic white (wooden) toddler bed and the baby will have the crib, which we will paint white.  They will be sharing an IKEA Malm dresser already in the room. 

We are looking for design inspiration that is appropriate for both a baby and a toddler which maximizes the space.  I love gray walls but would be willing to keep the current color.  I'd also love to see some orange or mustard accents.  I definitely like modern over cutesy. 

Thanks - Annali

I know all about being short on space (and not having a closet!) Here's what I came up with:

Main Paint Color - Behr Steam White
Accent Wall Paint (Wall Behind Beds) - Behr Raging Sea

Toddler Bedding - Velocity Art & Design

Baby Bedding - I'd just do white sheets and a white crib skirt, and then drape the crib blanket over the side for some color

Crib Skirt -
Crib Blanket - Boodalee
Crib Sheet -


Wall Art (Some sort of bright orange letter art above each bed) - Etsy Seller English Muffin
Yarn Monsters - Etsy Seller KDericks
Bunting (hang in corners above each bed) - Etsy Seller Monkey Puzzle Press
Mini Coaster (not pictured) - Amazon
Orange Dimmable Lamp - IKEA

Space Saving & Storage Ideas:
Hanging Hamper -
Crib Diaper Changing Station - Angela's Baby Store
For hanging items (above dresser) - IKEA Lack Shelves + Bygel Rod
Underbed Boxes (to store toys, diapers, clothing, etc.) - Container Store
Expedit Shelving - Next to crib (taller than your current shelving so it will house more things) - IKEA
With Clear Boxes (So the boys can see what is in them) - IKEA
Nightstand - Amazon
Wall Book Rack - cb2
Orange Dot Wall Hook - cb2
Pillows - cb2


  1. I adore the orange and grey. WHat a great combo for any room.

  2. I adore the orange and grey. WHat a great combo for any room.



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