Creating an Art Wall

So I have recently discovered watercolor painting, and it's really given me the freedom to create art on a more regular basis. Because our house is so tiny, we have absolutely no space for a dedicated studio for me to use acrylics or oils. By the time I get everything out, paint for a while, and have to clean up, it can get very tiresome and frustrating. It was really preventing me from being creative which really bothered me. Watercolors, on the other hand, are so much more compact and portable that I can paint just about anytime anywhere.

This newfound creative outlet has created a growing collection of homeless paintings, however, and I really wanted to get some of them up on the wall in the H-Haus. We have a lot of random mismatched frames, so I thought an art wall would work well. I've been seeing a lot of very loose, random groupings of frames and artwork lately and I am really loving the easy look it lends to a space:










{On a side note - I seem to have accidentally deleted my source folder for these images, so if anyone can tell me the source of any of these photos, I'd really appreciate it!)

Some people, like Bryn Dunn of Bryn Alexandra, can just eyeball their wall and hang things randomly:

While others are very methodic and planned and measure out every inch of space. I fall somewhere in between. I laid out my arrangement on the floor first and moved things around until I found a look I liked:

Next, I traced each frame onto a piece of paper and cut out out pieces that were the same size as my frames (the cats love anything new on the floor - especially paper, so this was a little bit more difficult than I thought it would be):


I then took one piece of paper at a time and taped it onto the wall with painter's tape. I didn't measure or anything, I just eyeballed this part. Less risky than Bryn's wall, but a lot less work than measuring for each frame. Finally, the hubster took care of nailing and hanging the frames:







Stay tuned for photos of the end result tomorrow!


  1. I love it! Your paintings look great. You should open an Etsy shop and sell them! Or do a blog giveaway of one of your original pieces.

  2. Gorgeous! Your paintings and your new wall :D I'm still trying to figure out a way to encourage my daughter's artistic side. We don't have space for her to let loose and it's driving me (and her too, I think) crazy!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I have actually thought about the etsy thing, but I don't want to start anything up until after I see how things go with the baby!

    I would love to have a dedicated art/crafting space, Alex, too bad the H-Haus is so teeny!



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