Humor and Wisdom

I often visit online message boards on a site called - you can talk to other pregnant women and voice your questions, concerns, and complaints. Truly I don't know what women did before technology!

I came across a conversation today between a pregnant woman and her husband, along with a comment that was made about it that I just had to share:


I've been having Braxton Hicks and mild contractions for weeks, but this morning I'm pretty sure I had three very real contractions, (take your breath away, crazy pain contractions). My husband and I were laying in bed and he was getting pretty anxious-- 

My husband: "Are you okay??? Should we call??" 
I shook my head and said, "No, I'm fine. Let's wait to see if they are timeable." 
My husband: "It figures you'd balls up for this after whining about everything else this whole pregnancy." 
Me:: side eye::
My husband: "Oh, sorry." 

{On a side note, the Hubster would get more than the 'side eye' if he said something like that to me...}

Wisdom: (from another woman on The Bump)

What men don't realize is that we EXPECT pain of labor.  We do not EXPECT all the other little tihngs that come along with pregnancy.  And at least with labor, you know the end is near!

That makes so much sense to me! Although I have heard various things about morning sickness, hormones, etc. during pregnancy, I didn't have any idea how uncomfortable and unlike myself I would truly feel. I do expect, however, to be in a LOT of pain during labor and delivery. For some reason (probably because I am so close to the end here), this conversation really stood out to me and I just wanted to share!)


  1. Lauren, this is hilarious! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and love it! I am 32 weeks pregnant with our second little girl. I could totally see my lovely husband saying something like that : )



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