Lauren & Jon's Bedroom

Recently, Lauren wrote to me with a request for a bedroom idea board:

Hi Lauren, 

We are redoing our bedroom and would love an idea board.We've chosen the bed and bedding, but need ideas for the rest of the room. Curtains would be great - right now we have wooden blinds on our windows which I still like, but I'd love to see your ideas for fabric. 

Other furniture we need would be like a mirror, 2 dressers - a tall one and a long one, and some kind of bedside tables; however, with the new bed, we are limited on space, so I was trying to think of what could double as a bedside table and something else.  I thought maybe a small desk type piece that could be my makeup area/jewlery place/lamp with alarm clock.  

I want to start searching, but now it's report card time and I need to spend my entire weekend working on them!  I was also thinking of doing a bench.  Add any accessories you like b/c they are MY FAV!


I absolutely love your headboard and bedding choices, Lauren! Here's what I came up with:

Curtains - West Elm
Paint - Behr Water Mark
Mirror - Ballard Designs
Dressers - West Elm
Vanity/Nightstand - Bed Bath & Beyond
Chair - West Elm
Bench - Ballard Designs
Print - Ballard Designs
Wall Sconce - West Elm
Throw Pillow - Williams Sonoma
Lamps - Crate & Barrel


  1. We love it, Lauren! Can't wait to go out and buy everything!! :) Thank you so much for your gorgeous ideas!

  2. Glad you like it, Lauren! Have fun decorating :)

  3. Great photos! Can I ask what font you used when writing your letter to Lauren please? Thanks!



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