Pregnancy Weight Gain

I came across this chart and thought it was interesting:

I'm pretty sure I've gained more than the recommended 25-35 pounds at this at this point, but I'm not too worried about it. My doctor hasn't said anything, and I think I look pretty good for being over 38 weeks pregnant! Pregnancy weight gain is crazy though. I eat pretty normally most days - no more or less than I did pre-pregnancy. Even so, here is an example of how much my weight fluctuates at each appointment:

From 30-32 weeks: Up 7 pounds - woah, growth spurt lol!

From 32-34 weeks: Lost half a pound

From 34-36 weeks: Up 3 pounds

From 36-37 weeks: No weight gain or loss

 It's really just all over the place at the end here. I hope she comes soon...I am SO tired of maternity clothing!


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