To-Do List Update

I posted last week about some things I wanted to check off my to-do list. Here's an update:

  • Get microfiber cloth to replace disposable Swiffer pads.
  • Buy cloth napkins to use instead of paper.
  • File important papers! My filing system has taken a turn for the worse in this third trimester.
  • Make more space in my linen closet by moving towels to some sort of vertical wall storage. 
  • Get the nursery curtains hemmed   
  • Find a pediatrician! I've found one that is close by but I need to actually pick up the phone and give them a call...
  • Pack my hospital bag.
  • Local taxes (ugh!) 

So I am making progress! I actually hemmed the nursery curtains myself - I'm pretty proud of that! You saw my post on choosing a pediatrician. And the local tax deadline has come and gone, so I obviously had to get that one done.

This weekend my goal is to pack my hospital bag. I bought travel sized toiletries yesterday. Now I just need to get everything together! Loving this photo:

Found here. 

To-do list via.


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