A Better Bath

So Violet originally HATED bath time. Here's my proof:

It went something like this: We'd put her in; she'd scream as we frantically tried to clean her hand lint, armpit lint, and any other lint that babies accumulate in those balled-up little bodies of theirs; she'd give us the stink eye as we gave her a warm hooded towel and a paci; and she was a happy camper again:

Needless to say, we kind of dreaded bath time, and I'm sure that she didn't look forward to it either. As it turns out, it was all my fault. Everything I had read about baby baths had said that the water should be slightly warmer than lukewarm. So, trying to be a good mom, I was following these instructions. Sometimes though, common sense should override what we read in baby books, internet articles, and yes, even on mommy blogs. As the Hubster doesn't read any of these things (which I must add that reading can be very helpful) his common sense saved the day. He suggested that we make the bath water warmer.

I, of course, initially resisted and quoted my research on the subject, but then I got to thinking - I like my showers and baths warm. Heck, I like them as hot as I can handle! So why would anyone...even a baby...want to take a lukewarm bath??? A little warm water never hurt anyone - it was worth a shot. So we turned the faucet up, tested it with our arm, and gently slid Violet into the tub. She initially made a face like she was about to wail, but it quickly changed to confusion, and finally landed somewhere in the realm of contentment. Hallelujah! And ever since bath time has been a treat instead of a terror.

So in the end, I learned that a little common sense can go a long way (although I still say a little research doesn't hurt either). Happy bathing and have a great weekend!

If you have any bath tips or mishaps, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Hi! I thought I would de-lurk and tell you what also worked for us. We would get 2 extra washcloths, get them wet and then place them on her like a blanket. Then we would keep pouring water over the washcloths. She seemed to love it!

  2. I quickly figured out the same thing as you...my baby likes a hot bath :) It is never hot enough that he gets red marks (unlike me after my scalding showers) so I know it is fine. Now he loves bath time and will play in there until it gets cold. I am happy bath time is happier at your house now!

  3. I typically will fill the regular tub and just get in with our little guy. He was not a fan of the bath either, but I think having one of us hold him in the bath makes him feel more secure. Of course my hubby is right there with a towel waiting to take him from me every time, so there are no possible slip ups. And if it has to be really quick I will bring him in the shower with me and wash him while he's snuggling into my shoulder and the hubby is waiting on the other side of the curtain with a towel and some baby lotion for a nice baby massage at the end.

  4. Yep, I agree with Bri - the wash cloth over her tummy.
    It worked with mine!

  5. Try the Bath Luve frog. You cover your baby with it and it keeps them nice and warm. Our little guy does great with baths and I think its this neat little thing!

  6. Try the Bath Luve frog. You cover your baby with it and it keeps them nice and warm. Our little guy does great with baths and I think its this neat little thing!



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