Violet - 3 Months

In like a lion and out like a lamb - that would pretty much sum up your third month of life, my love. At the beginning of the month you decided that you were super tired. CRAZY tired. I mean, there are probably hibernating bears that are less tired and cranky than you were. And suddenly, only one person had the magical power to put your squirming, squawking self to sleep - me. That's became a mama's girl.

[Crocheted blanket made by your Great-Grammy]

Handing you to anyone else (including your daddy) induced almost immediate wailing. If the situation was not quickly remedied to your satisfaction (i.e. were you not instantly handed back to your mama) the wailing turned into screeching, screaming, choking, and yes, even dry heaving. And your mommy just couldn't do that to you. So she did what any good mama would do - she sucked it up and held you. All. Day. Long.

Sure, it was flattering and all, but girl - you are one heavy baby. I like to call you my little giant. At your two month appointment with the pediatrician you weighed 12 pounds, 10.5 ounces! That's the 94th percentile for weight. And you are LONG baby. We should start calling you Stretch. You were in the 99th percentile for length. Out of 100 babies your age, only one was longer than you. ONE.

And let me tell you...simultaneously walking, bouncing, and rocking you to sleep about a bajillion times a day while keeping up a constant 'shushing' rhythm is no easy feat with a gargantuan babe like you. In the end only two things saved me from collapsing into a heap of exhaustion - praying to the Almighty, and telling myself that you were just trying to help me lose the baby weight. Okay, and the fact that you are the cutest baby ever and I love you to pieces. Because baby - those two weeks were the longest, hardest endurance workout of my life. Thank goodness you still slept well at night, or I shudder to think what may have happened to my back.

So anyway, that's the lion part of the tale. I'm going to blame it on a growth spurt. Although let's be honest, your entire life to date has been one giant growth spurt. I'm sure that by next month you will have doubled your seven pound, four ounce birth weight.

So onto the lamb. Like a champ, your daddy kept trying and trying to hold and comfort you. Your mama was at her wit's end and your papa was becoming more ad more heartbroken each day. We were about to take drastic measures and leave you at home with him, when one evening you let him rock and shush you to sleep. The next morning - another success! And the ratio of mommy time to daddy time started to slowly even out again until you finally ended the month hanging out with your daddy for FOUR hours while I went to a painting workshop.

Suddenly you had time to do more than just eat, sleep, and poop. You smiled, you cooed, you gurgled and ga-ed. Tummy time became fun because your neck could suddenly support your head. Grasping things became your new favorite pastime - you would hold your other hand, grasp toys, and grip the sleeve of your p.j.'s as we tried to dress you (as if it wasn't hard enough already!) Yes, you even started to tug at fist-fulls of your mama's hair. (She's getting it cut now that she can put you down for more than a millisecond by the way) You also started doing crunches - you draw up you legs and lift your head at the same time. And to top it all off, you were a beautiful ballerina for a day. So what I'm trying to say, baby girl, is that you've got skills!

Oh and the diaper blowouts. They have officially begun. They say that breastfed babies can digest the milk so well that I shouldn't be worried if you go a couple of days without pooping. Well, judging by your sumo-baby size, I'd say you're digesting alright. But this couple of days thing? Try every few hours! We like to call you Princess Poops-a-lot, Princess Poopy-Pants, and Swamp Butt. One day, your mama had it on her nursing bra, short, AND shorts after a particularly explosive session. What money we're saving from breastfeeding we're surely making up for in diapers.

You're growing up so fast. You started sleeping in your crib this month. First at night, and then for naps too. Your mama misses you, but I'm also enjoying sneezing as loudly as I like and rolling over without worrying that the bed will creak and disturb your slumber. You also had your first night away from home. We visited your Aunt Kari and slept over. After a lot of worrying about how well you would sleep, it turned out that I had more trouble sleeping in a different place than you did. You've graduated to a big-girl pacifier and love to try to shove your entire hand in your mouth (and choke on it) when you're hungry.

I can only wait and see what adventures next month holds for us, sweetheart. Whatever challenges and joys it brings, we'll figure them out together - you, me, and your daddy. We love you Violet - my beautiful little giant. Happy three-month birthday, baby!

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  1. So sweet! Glad you're enjoying mommyhood :)

  2. She is just the cutest little thing ever!!

  3. Violet is just the cutest and happiest girl! Thanks for sharing your joyous experience :)

  4. She is just the cutest little thing ever!!

  5. So sweet! Glad you're enjoying mommyhood :)



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