Wedding Weekend

I love me a good wedding. The romance, the flowers, the food, the fun...

Violet has now officially been to two weddings in her life - one was a small family affair with an at-home pot luck reception, and the other was just this past weekend - a gorgeous formal ballroom with a sit-down dinner, music, twirling couples, and the works. She had a fabulous time at each - smiling at the bride, dancing with her daddy, and flirting with the ringbearer.

As our little family was swaying together to a slow song, the Hubster and I exchanged a smile and whispered, "This will be her someday." Someday her daddy will proudly walk his little girl down the aisle as her mama cries bittersweet tears. Okay so maybe not til she's 40. Or maybe 50. And whoever is waiting at the end of that aisle will have to have the fortitude of a saint to avoid being chased off by the Hubster and his shotgun (okay so he doesn't own a shotgun, but trust me, he'll be one of the scary dads) But for now she's our little girl and we're soaking up every precious minute of our time together.

Don't grow up too fast, sweetheart. We love you to pieces!


Mommy & Daddy

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