My Favorite Ornaments

We have kind of a nature thing going on with our tree. In metallics. Last year we mostly had copper, bronze, and gold ornaments:

But this year, we decided to add some silver to the mix with these gorgeous (and inexpensive) branch ornaments:

I purchased six, but now wish I would have bought more - they're so pretty! Unfortunately they're no longer available online and the closest Crate & Barrel is about a 45 minute drive for us. Sigh. Maybe next year?


  1. Love the silver ornaments! I did my tree in brown, copper, gold and white this year. Maybe I'll throw in some silver next year :)

  2. I really love the nature theme in metallics. What a brilliant idea! The shapes are beautiful and organic, but it has still got that festive shine. The woodsy ornaments we have tend to get a little lost on the tree. I wonder if it would undermine the woodlands to take a can (or several) of metallic spray paint to them?



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