30 Before Thirty

In just one week I will be twenty-nine years of age. Kind of an iconic year as it's the last time I can consider myself a 'twenty-something.' I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this. I remember back in my teens that twenty sounded VERY adult, but when the time came I didn't feel as grown up as I had imagined. I suspect that thirty will be just as anticlimactic.

Nevertheless, I've decided (as any good blogger should) to create a 30 before thirty list. So far I've come up with ten things:

1.  Make a baby book for Violet.

2.  Open up my Etsy shop
3.  Switch from Blogger to Wordpress
4.  Print photos of Violet, frame, and hang them.
5.  Have a date night with Kevin at least twice a month.

6.  Send a handmade card for birthdays and anniversaries of my loved ones and close friends
7.  Get outside at least twice a week no matter the weather or schedule.
8.  Learn CSS
9.  Create one small piece of art per week or one large piece per month
10. Create a silhouette painting of Violet

    Ten written down, twenty to go! I'm open to any and all suggestions...


    1. I love the silhoutte idea. You've inspired me to write my own list!

    2. Fantastic start to your list!!! Some ideas...

      - Try a new recipe
      -Plant a garden
      - Start a compost

      Cannot wait to watch as your work towards your list!

      I am also in the process of making a book for my son's first year using Blurb. Love that idea!

    3. Great goals! My 30th is in October and I have certainly been thinking a lot about what that means for me.

    4. Don't get hung up on being 30. 50 is the new 30, I hope!

    5. I'm 35. Lemme just say, "30" was a fabulous year :)

      I finally felt like a grown-up and had some clout. I stopped living my life to gain approval from others. I did what felt right for me. Don't fear "30," welcome it as a milestone :)
      Enjoy 29 while you've got it, but love "30" when you get there! I even started giving my ages themes. For example, 30 was "The Year of Dreams." That year I did all sorts of things I'd always thought about doing but hadn't yet. I took acting classes, signed with an agent and started doing commercials!
      So, do what makes your heart sing! Yay You!

    6. Wow this is a great idea! Wish I could help you add to the list, but I'm really liking what you've got so far!

    7. Wow this is a great idea! Wish I could help you add to the list, but I'm really liking what you've got so far!



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