Flattering or Freaky?

Not sure whether I should be flattered or freaked out by this, but a reader sent me an email yesterday which included a link to the nursery page on HGTV. It looks something like this:

Hmmm...interestingly familiar lol. It threw me for a bit of a loop until I remembered that I had Violet's nursery up on Rate My Space at one point, and then it made a lot more sense. I think it would be a lot more flattering if there was some credit involved, but no dice. Oh well...guess we'll just take it as a compliment and call it a day, so thanks HGTV!


  1. I think it's flatteringly Freaky :)

    They should have given you some sort of credit though... but in any case it's still awesome!

  2. This is awesome! But I agree - give credit where credit is due! Yay congrats Sissy! :)

  3. Maybe there was something in the terms of the contest that they could use the photos in the future without permission. Still, a, "Guess what? Your on the site!" would have been nice!

  4. I'd check to see if there's something in the terms when you sign up for that that allows them to do it... otherwise they shouldn't be able to do that without permission. That's your photo, you know? I've seen a lot of posts on blogs about big companies taking peoples' stuff and using it without permission... one lady found a picture of her dog on a national TV commercial or something crazy like that (trying to remember the details...) -- it's sort of unethical if you ask me. My argument is of course negated if there IS such a clause in the agreement when you do rate my space ;)

    Just my two cents, but it's still cool to see your photo on hgtv ;)

  5. I'm pretty sure there is something in the RMS terms that allows them to use it. Still would've been nice to get credit, but cool nonetheless :)

  6. Def flattering! Congrats on all the love for your room. It is pretty awesome :)

  7. It would have been nice to have some recognition, I agree. Makes it seem like one of their designs, rather than yours. :(

    You should email SleepyKing and let her know her cute fox made it on the nursery page too!

    Happy Birthday!



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