Leslie's Living Room

Recently, Leslie wrote to me about her living room and basement:

Hi Lauren!

I am really drawn to bright (bright in a light color way, not in a bold way), "cottage-y " spaces. I loved Cottage Living magazine when it was still being printed - I was drawn to the rustic, relaxed, cozy spaces.  For curtains, I'm drawn to long, cozy drapes. I am not one for a contemporary style, however I do like the grey tones that go with the contemporary style.  I would really like to get away from browns and tans because it's so dark.  

I like simple, eclectic (if that even works together!). I wasn't sure how specific you needed me to be!  I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all this information. Thanks a million!
A cozy, colorful, cottage-y space? Sounds delightful! Here's what I came up with:

Coffee Table - JCPenney
Curtain Fabric - Premier Prints
Rug - Pottery Barn
Toss Pillow 1 - Pottery Barn
Toss Pillow 2 - Pottery Barn
Toss Pillow 3 - Pottery Barn
Botanical Prints - Etsy Seller KITZIE G
Chunky Plaited Throw - West Elm
Accessories - Osage Orange, Asparagus Plant
Potted Fern - IKEA
Lantern - Pottery Barn


  1. Very beautiful colors. They really make me think of Spring and warm weather :)



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