A Thrifty Before + After

You can often find Violet and me down at the Salvation Army rummaging through the shelves for some inexpensive milk glass (I have a bit of an addiction as mentioned in my previous post). Although I am generally fairly focused in my search, every now and then something else catches my eye. A few weeks ago I snatched up these two beauties for exactly ninety-nine cents each:

Now before you decide that I've gone completely insane, please know that one, my mom's kitchen was completely decorated in blue and ducks when I was growing up, so these prints have a nostalgic quality to them, and two, I've been searching for inexpensive oval frames for ages!

I don't know what got it into my head, but I've really been wanting a pair for over a year now, but they are always too small, too big, too expensive, or too gaudy. Finally I found a pair that is juuuust right. A little spray paint and a little of our extra wallpaper, and voila:

Inexpensive art that adds a punch of color and a fresh springy feeling to the H-Haus. So what do you think - do you miss the ducks? (Don't worry they're still in there - I couldn't bring myself to part with them) So long winter!


  1. i have those same pictures! so far, i've painted the frames green and just waiting for the printer to get fixed!

  2. Judging from Renee's post, those two duck pictures are fairly common? But I swearrrrrrr that my mother had these exact same two framed ducks in my nursery and bedroom til I was about 8! And I believe they were in oval frames, too! They look identical to them, anyway. WEIRD. Hadn't thought of them in ages.



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