Another Lamp Idea

Still searching for the perfect lamp (at the perfect price) for the back room. I found this beauty via Bryn:
Simple, classic, and best of all - inexpensive at an amazing thirty dollars and eighty-seven cents! Maybe the price justifies pairing it with one of these fabulous lamp shades from Etsy seller Lampshade Designs?

Or maybe I could DIY my own shade in a custom fabric?

Hmmm...the possibilities...


  1. Love the lamp - and so many possibilities for the lamp shade. Would love to see what you would do if you went the DIY route. And I think that pink/yellow/orange hard-to-find fabric would have been a nice option for a shade as well.

  2. This is currently my favorite lamp out there. I about died when I saw something so stylish and cheap at Lowes. Hope you do something great with the shade!

  3. WOW, thank you for including the link to that etsy seller! I love that chevron striped lamp shade! & that lamp is gorgeous



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