Back Room Update (with Fringey Curtains!)

The fringey (fringy?) curtains are up and I love the softness and texture that they add to the room! They also help to balance out the tall built-in cabinets on the opposite side of the space.

You can see the bookshelf is still in need of some serious organization/styling and my pretty flowers were given away to Violet's Grammy (maybe I'll get some new ones for Mother's Day? *Hint Hint*) Also the pillows aren't for sure...I stole the linen pillows from Violet's nursery for now and the red floral pillow from the living room, so basically I'm saying that the room is still a work in progress...bear with me.

 I also took a photo of the mirror because a few of you have asked to see entire space and unfortunately it's a pretty small room and is difficult to photograph. Here you can see the wallpaper and built-ins in the reflection of the mirror - sorry it's the best I could do! They're still not finished as my father-in-law was in Florida all winter, but now that he's back I'm excited to get doors (it will help to keep a certain pair of little hands off of my serving pieces!)

It's starting to look more and more like a livable space and it's given us so much more square footage for lounging, playing, storing toys, and the like. Still looking for a lamp for the area next to the sofa - any suggestions?


  1. That's great that it's coming along - it looks awesome (I love the rug) And I can relate to the room being half-done feeling. I'm also looking for two table lamps and just plan on stalking Homegoods or our local consignment store until I find what I like.

  2. So pretty ! Love the gray walls and the rug !


  3. Thanks Lily :) hollyG - I sooo wish we had a Homegoods! I'm so jealous of all of you that have one close by.

  4. love the room! I've been looking forward to seeing the new rug- and it does NOT disappoint!! I vote for this pillow:
    and this one:
    if you don't mind sharing, how furry are the curtains getting? I'd love to do white curtains but we have a black dog and she likes to snuggle against anything that is white. awesomeness.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions Cat! So far the curtains are doing pretty well on the fur-factor, but we have only had them for a few days. Either way they're completely worth it - I love them!

  6. i agree with the commenters the combination of bright pink and soft gray!

  7. i agree with the commenters the combination of bright pink and soft gray!



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