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I went swimsuit shopping yesterday (online). I don't normally shop for bathing suits online as I really like to make sure that they fit properly, but all of the stores are already sold out of the good stuff! It always blows my mind how far in advance you have to buy things. It's not even swimming season yet for Pete's sake. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite suits (from least expensive to most expensive):

 Old Navy

 TopShop USA



I bought the ruffled seersucker bikini from TopShop USA. Right price + super cute - I hope it fits! Have you ever bought a swimsuit online? How did it work out for you?


  1. You are brave to do swimsuit shopping online. I have to try on a least 10 before I find one the fits..plus I have to ask the manager to turn down the florescent light KIDDING :) Old Navy always has such cute suits with great prices.

    Delighted Momma

  2. LOVE these ideas! I've never gone online swimsuit shopping and you are brave! But smart since you can try them on in your own home! Never thought I'd love a 1 piece but there are such cute options now!

  3. I bought a top online and it was okay. It was on clearance so I wasn't worried if it wasn't the perfect one. It was kind of itty bitty but I still like it!

  4. Oh I love the swimsuit you purchased! I usually end up doing all of my shopping online.I hate wasting the time after work, I would so rather do other things. I've actually bought a TON of swimsuits online. I bought a few last year from Victoria's Secret since I'm pretty familiar with their sizes and loved them. This year I bought a suit from top shop and just came in the other day and it is WAY to small on top. Nothing makes me feel fatter than a too small bikini. I'd rather go naked.
    I also bought two suits from Alloy and both fit perfectly!

    If I hadn't already bought new swimsuits I would be buying the one you got too!

  5. I just had a traumatic experience (last night actually) with an online swimsuit purchase. It looked cute but definitely not cute once I tried it on. On a side note, a friend from work mentioned this morning that she loves her one piece JCrew suit, so I'm going to attempt to purchase one of those.

  6. La!
    So I was looking through and the one you bought is the one I thought you would look so great in (great minds think alike!!). I have bought some online with success! :)

    Happy Summer Time!

    :) Love you!

  7. I used to buy JCrew bikinis online. The found the fit to be pretty consistent. Post-baby, however, I'm going to have to go with a one-piece. Now, if only Old Navy delivered to London! I adore that Old Navy one-piece!

  8. Ha sometimes I think brave? or stupid? We'll find out - I haven't gotten it in the mail yet. I've actually found that one pieces look worse for some reason? I feel thinner looking in a bikini. Weird, huh?



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