Violet's First Birthday: Inside Games

Unfortunately the weather forecast called for intermittent rain and thunderstorms on the day of Violet's party, so we prepared as if the entire party was going to be indoors. The Cinco de Mayo banner that I made for the party was hung in the back room, the sidewalk chalk was set to be used on the chalkboard wall instead of the patio, and the pinata was hung in the photo 'booth'.

The weather actually turned out to be sunny and warm, and most of the party was spent outdoors. I was a little too busy to move the pinata so that stayed in - luckily it was a pull string pinata and not one that you had to bash with a stick/bat!

I thought the pull string type would be better for the young kids at the party - they LOVED it. I had the kids sit on the rug and let them come up two at a time (youngest first) and choose a ribbon to pull. We crossed our fingers that the first kid up wouldn't choose THE ribbon.

Amazingly it came down to the last ribbon and we all held our breath. I was really worried that it wasn't going to work and we were going to have to bash it after all!

Luckily with a hard tug from a few kids together out the candy came. I think this picture captures the pandemonium that followed pretty well:

Luckily everyone got plenty of candy and there were no tears or arguments. The pinata was the only 'organized' activity I had for the kids - with ages one through six I figured keeping it loose and flexible was best. Stay tuned for the rest of the party fun tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous Party! Love seeing all the posts.. :)
    I also love the pink rug in the photo..Can you tell me where it is from? It is divine!


  2. Thanks so much! The rug is from Shades of Light.

  3. love the pinata- and i LOVE your house!!

  4. Awesome Party and beautiful pictures too!

  5. Just beautiful!
    Your place is great, Love the photo booth!!
    Wish I had been there to photograph it. :)

    Also some really beautiful kids at this party!

    Looking forward to Violets 1 yr photoshoot this weekend!!

  6. Awesome Party and beautiful pictures too!



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