Violet's First Birthday: Outside Fun

Despite the threat of rain, the weather held out and we were able to have most of the party outside. The food issues were a non-issue as Violet was never without a loving aunt, uncle, or grandparent to watch her. There wasn't any fun cake smashing, but other than that it was a normal, fun-filled first birthday!

The kids all loved the headdresses that I made and the tipi/tee pee (never sure which is correct) was a huge hit as well! (The tipi was from Great Kids Gifts on Etsy - thanks it was perfect!)

Of course the only person who didn't like her headdress was Violet (but I kind of figured that one - she won't let me put headbands on her lately either). The wagon that we gave Violet for her birthday got a lot of use at the party as well:

I decided to do a cupcake with a lighted candle for Violet but distracted her from trying to grab it by giving her the felt cake.

As you can see she enjoyed 'eating' her felt cake and the whole thing worked out really well! It was a little anticlimactic as everyone of course loves to see a baby dig into their cake after singing, but it was family so they all understood.

Violet stayed interested long enough to open a few presents before I let her older cousins have at it - they were chomping at the bit to rip some wrapping paper! 

So there you have it! I know that Violet won't remember any of it, but I hope she'll enjoy looking back at photos from her big day - we love you sweetheart, happy first birthday!


  1. ugh! you are so freaking talented!! i am so jealous of violet's party! i wish I had a party like that!

  2. the party turned out AMAZING!! you are so good with details!!



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