Etsy Love

I have a ridiculous amount of Etsy shops saved in my favorites, so I thought I'd share a few every so often with all of you. First up is almost sunday - full of sweet prints for your little one's nursery, bedroom, or play space:

I would even hang that last print in one of the main rooms of my home! I also love this abstract art by Yangyang Pan - so colorful and textural:

Pan has both prints and originals available in his shop - SIISO Visual Art.

Next up is Ashley Pahl - creator of pretty paper goods, I had trouble limiting myself to just a few items - seriously everything is gorgeous:

Those bags would be adorable for party favors and those layered note cards are just too gorgeous!

I have a bit of an obsession with cake plates lately, and these lacey ones from jeanette zeis ceramics are calling my name:
They already look yummy and there isn't even any cake on them yet! Speaking of ceramics - aren't these corked jars by Paula Lopez-Otero stunning? I love the one that says 'A Spoonful of Sugar':

So there you have it - stay tuned for more Etsy favs!


  1. Oh my - more shops for me to add to my favorites. Ashley and Jeanette here I come. I have a shop similar to Jeanette's in my favorites and I just love looking at all of her pieces.

  2. oh i love all of these!! i wish i was rich so i could buy all these things!

  3. oooo...these are great. I want one of those cake plates!

  4. I can't limit myself to liking just one of your recommendations. I love them all! The cake stands are pretty incredible though...

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  5. I love all of these finds... and your blog, too. Just lovely....

  6. Thanks all! I soooo wish I had a bigger bank account - Etsy is so addictive...



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