Violet's One Year Photos - Megyn Barroner Photography

There are so many amazing photos I wish I could share with you all, I couldn't limit myself to one post. So here is a second round of favorites from the day:

All photos by Megyn Barroner

I love the first and last ones - it's like our little family stumbled into a beautiful watercolor painting.  If you'd like to see more photos, I'm uploading all of my favorites and there are a LOT of favorites) to the Facebook page.


  1. That last one is such a great picture. How happy you must be with all of your photos! Have a great weekend.

  2. these pictures are absolutely beautiful!! where did you get violet's flower headband - it's too cute!!

  3. Precious photos! Violet's eyelashes are so thick and beautiful! She will love them when she's a little older :)

  4. I love that you have her in a simple beautiful outfit. A lot of girls these days have on tutu's or frilly things galore!
    I love the simplicity, it makes them that much more gorgeous, you can see her darling little face and personality!

  5. So beautiful! Can you tell me where you got Violet's dress?

  6. So happy for you, Lauren...these are beautiful! Violet is seriously so precious..and everyone else is right, the simplicity and neutralness of your outfits really works well. It is so great that you have this special time in your lives captured so wonderfully!!



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