Friday Favorites


Totally crushing on this lovely Airstream that Bryn posted this week.

Last week I mentioned Joanna Goddard's fabulous series on balancing work and motherhood, but I forgot to mention that I equally love her husband Alex's candid confessions about new fatherhood. I bet the Hubster could especially relate to number three on the list: My Wife Acted a Little Like She Was on Drugs.

Thirty pieces, thirty gorgeous (and affordable) looks.

I can tell Violet is on the verge of saying words other than "Maaam", "Daaad", and "Uh oh!" And oh the things we have to look forward to! Things like this. And this. And Lord knows what else...

Go Sherry! I can't IMAGINE having the stamina to nurse a baby that frequently for that long without a single break. A serious accomplishment.

Congratulations to Abbey on finally getting the keys to your dream home! I can't wait to see what she does with the place.

This looks like such a refreshing (and pretty) treat for a summer soiree, doesn't it!?

Happy Friday!


  1. I have always wanted and Airstream, and I love seeing make-overs on them!



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