Ideas for Violet's Play Room

We've finished painting the walls in Violet's play room and just have to install the trim. (Photos to come - stay tuned) Since the construction phase of the space is almost complete, I've started to think about the fun stuff - decor! Eventually this room will transition to become Violet's big girl room, so I kept that in mind.

We purchased a rug on sale from Anthropologie a while ago, but it didn't end up working in the space that it was originally intended for. Luckily, it does fit well in this space, so I used it as my jumping off point. The rug pictured in the idea board isn't the same rug, so the pattern is different, but it has very similar colors (and is also from Anthropologie). Here are my ideas so far:

Most of the sources can be found on my Pinterest board titled 'Play Room'.

What do you think?

Are you looking for an idea board for your space or event? Head over here to order one and I'll have it to you lickity split!


  1. I like the bits of orange. We didn't spend a dime on Amara's room but it came together in shades of pink with some green thrown in so I like your idea board!

  2. I like the fun mix of patterns...a little bit girly, a little bit vintage-y, and totally stylish!! I always love your "stuff!" :)

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see it come together.

  4. Pretty! I am partial to green and pink...



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