Review: Invisible Skinz

This one's for all of you gadget-users out there. If you have a smart phone, Kindle, GPS, laptop, or basically anything that starts with the letter 'i', you should definitely check out Invisible Skins. They provide a wide variety of products to help protect your favorite device from the general wear and tear of everyday use. They recently sent us a leather skin for the Hubster's iPhone 4 and he's completely loving the added protection. He already owned a bumper from Apple, but hadn't settled on any other covers yet. Luckily, the the bumper and Invisible Skins cover integrate extremely well and his iPhone is officially protected from clumsy and/or tiny people that his phone may come in contact with ( and the babe).

(One of the only places the Hubs trusts me to use his phone - the car!)

Not only does the cover function well, but it also gives his phone a fun new look. Besides leather, Invisible Skins has a ton of options from their trademark invisibleSHIELD to custom photo skins to your classic solids.

If you've got a baby, toddler, or clumsy spouse, or just want a little extra insurance, definitely check them out. Thanks to Invisible Skins for taking care of the Hubster's iPhone - all that protection means I get to keep using it until this butter fingers gets one of her very own!

All opinions and words expressed in this post are my own. Although Invisible Skins sent us a cover to review, I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I just got a new silicone cover for my iPhone, but it's already stretching out after just 1 week! I will definitely check these out ~ thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Zagg really is the best product out there to keep your gear safe.I had invisible shield put on the front and back of my iphone 3Gs and the thing looks like its brand new after years of abuse! The first thing I did when I got my iphone4 was march straight to the mall to get an invisible shield put on.
    A good friend of mine dropped his iphone in the never recovered. Rumor has it that Zagg is developing a technology that will waterproof your phone!



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