Friday Favorites


I wish my room had been as cool as Blythe's when I was a teen (then again I didn't have interior designer Tori Mellott to dream it up or Teen Vogue & JCPenney to foot the bill!)

Something I think about a LOT when I'm blogging.

Totally into this gorgeous concrete lamp that I spotted on Apartment Therapy. Not sure about the ginormous shade, but I love the base.

Love this hair tutorial! I wonder how I would look with red hair...

I may have to try this custom roller blind tutorial for our bathroom window.

Completely hilarious - three minutes inside the head of a two-year-old.

Totally Tivo-ing this new show.

Loved Dina's post on dealing with eaves in a home.

Completely in love with this fall engagement session (the plaid!!!)

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks Lauren for linking to my eaves post! That 3 minutes inside the head of a 2 year old was hilarious and frightening. Oh so much to look forward to :)

  2. I adore that light fixture with the hearts on it in Blythe's room.. and I actually adore a lot of parts of that room.

    Also red hair is fabulous, especially natural red hair... but I might be biased as I'm a redhead. ;)

  3. Cute finds!

    (FYI, there is a little typo in the link about the concrete lamp.)

  4. Hey Lauren, Can you share with me who took the fall engagement photos? I want to pick their brains. I have been looking for a new lens and what to know which one they used on these photos?
    Thanks bb



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