Update: I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge

A little update on Violet's dollhouse/I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge -girlfriend is going to have some seriously amazing art in her mini casa. All of these lovely artists have given me permission to use their work in the dollhouse:

Only one artist who I contacted about the dollhouse turned me down - thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing your art, you are very generous!


  1. Super cool! I had the same idea. i will be using tiny orginal prints of my own design and also asking some of my favorite artist for their approval. I can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Don't forget, Grammy gets the lovely plastic dollhouse!

    Love you

  3. Lauren, wow! I have somehow missed your previous post about the I'm a Giant challenge, but I am so excited that you are in! Your work is always stunning--Violet is a lucky girl. :) I love the art and what a great idea to use the real deal.

  4. Thanks Vanessa! It's a lot more work than I thought it would be but I'm having fun with it and it helps that Violet is very into dollhouses at the moment.

  5. I can't believe someone turned you down.



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