10 Ways to Define a Shared Space

My sister and I shared a room growing up, and there were times that it was great and there were times that it, well, wasn't. It was during those times that we dreamed of building a brick wall right down the middle of the space.

Luckily for all of you parents out their whose little ones share a room, there are better ways to define a kid's space. Here are ten of them:

1. Pattern

2. Bedding

Domino Magazine

3. Art

4. Furniture

5. Architecture

6. To each his (or her) own

7. Initals

8. Color Block

Home by Novogratz via Ohdeedoh

9. Cozy Nooks
Soorikian Architecture

10. Shelving
Milk & Honey Photography via Bondville 

Did you share a space as a kid? How did it work out?


  1. Sure, I shared a space with my Sister. We had an imaginary line right down the middle. Her side was always picked up but was 1 inch thick with dust. Mine was dust free, but a mess. If only we would have worked together.
    Is it a bad thing to share a space? I would say looking back....absolutely not. We are very close to each other and I can't help but believe that sharing that space had something to do with it.
    Now for my plug since I don't have a blog: 11/2/11
    P.s. If you live in York, check out dear Abby in the morning paper today. What a poor poor child that was who wrote to Abby.
    Abby, your response was right on! I'd like to kick that kids butt!


  2. Great round up! Yes, I shared my bedroom with my little sister, and it was miserable, mostly because we had a double bed and my parents refused to buy two twin beds. Therefore, when my 6-years-younger sister was peeing in the bed at night, I was in middle school and would wake up in the morning covered in her pee. As a 12 year old, this was obviously not cool for me. So, I'll never make my kids share a bed, even if they were to wind up sharing a room.



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