Friday Favorites


Love these colors (possible inspiration for Violet's big girl room) - via this great roundup of teen girls' rooms.

Fun + easy DIY family Halloween costume.

DIY Fabric Chandelier + library in the works.

This is so me

Happy little chair:

Note to self: create life list.

Search for the stars.


Beautiful post on adoption + an equally beautiful and honest post on not having more children.

Absolutely Beautiful Things 'Summer' Vignette:

Sorry for the late list - I've been a little overwhelmed lately with life. Hope you have a happy weekend!


  1. What an inspiring library! I've debated making an entire wall of my dining/computer/play/walk-through-it-to-get-anywhere-else-in-the-house room into a library wall but so far it hasn't happened. I love maps on walls so naturally the star chart is awesome too! My son has a huge vintage-style map in his room and has a light that is supposed to shine the constellations (but it doesn't work well). DIY project I'd love to do: constellation map on the ceiling but dropped a little so that I could poke holes through all the stars, throw some led lights above et voila- stars at night!



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