Holiday Kids' Table How-to

I was looking for a way this year to make the kids' table feel special without risking the nice linens. My solution? Craft paper and tempera paint!

I knew I wanted to use craft paper, not only because it went with my color scheme but also because you can add crayons to the table for an instant activity. I was using these chargers from BHLDN for the adult table, so I wanted a similar feel:

At nearly $5 a pop and considering that these are made of card stock, there was no way one was going on the kids' table (no offense kids), so I opted for creating my own. It was so easy and literally took like five minutes. You will need: a large doily (I bought my in the cake aisle at A.C. Moore for 99 cents), white tempera paint, and a stiff-bristled paintbrush.

Lay the doily in the center of the table on top of your craft paper. I squeezed a bit of paint directly onto the center of the doily, dipped my brush in, and began stippling the paint onto the doily.

You don't want to brush, but rather move the brush up and down, kind of 'stabbing' at the open spaces on the doily.  (Sorry to any doily activists out there). Make sure you get the outer edge of the doily as well.

When you've covered all of the edges and cutouts with the tempera paint, remove the doily and voila!

A pretty but kid-friendly table decoration!

Happy DIYing!

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  1. cool idea, lauren! pinning for later... ;)

  2. Love this idea! So pretty! Although Eva's table is round so I might have to get creative putting the brown paper down.

  3. So great! These look like magazine pics!

  4. Thanks ladies! Amber - the brown paper would be a bit trickier, but the doily centerpiece would probably look even nicer on a round table!



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