Supermom: Jess Craig of IROCKSOWHAT

Kicking off a new feature on zee blog today - SUPERMOM! There are seriously so many amazing women out there in the blogosphere who seem somehow to do it all - I thought it would be fun to pick their brains a bit to figure out their secrets.

First up is the amazing Jess Craig of IROCKSOWHAT. She not only has an adorable son and awesome blog, she also somehow finds time to be creative and design ridiculously amazing banners and buttons for the rest of us. Speaking of which, I thought it was fitting to start off the series with her considering that she designed the beautiful banner for me! Take it away Jess!

Blogging was seriously something I did because it was suggested to me from my step mom as a way for my family and I to stay connected while my husband was on his first deployment. I started it the day before he left for Iraq, but then found out I was pregnant about a month after he left. So things quickly changed as my focus was all about being pregnant. I had no idea what a baby blog was and hadn't even read any at the time! Little did I know that this was a huge world and now I'm fully submerged!

Getting affection from a sweet little cuddly person. I'm really touchy feely so it's it's nice having someone to do that with (not that my husband isn't affectionate).

I felt like I lost myself a little bit in the beginning. Trying to figure out that balance of being YOU and also being a mom was just really difficult for me. I kept feeling like I had to sacrifice all the time, or I was a bad mother or something. I'm just now learning that it's not true and it's so liberating! I'm much happier now that i have that figured out.


I don't know if this would necessarily just be for mama's, but these are my most favorite products for ME - tweezerman tweezersStila blush in poppy, and bed head hard hold hair spray.

I do not sleep. Okay kidding, sorta. I really stay up late to get stuff done. It sucks and I tell myself every night that I don't care and I'm not going to stay up all night to work, but I do it anyway! Because I secretly like having things to do and having ME time. And I occasionally fall asleep on the floor beside Wyatt while he's playing with toys… don't judge! 

Just relax and roll with it. For the most part, kids are generally on track. You just need to guide them a bit. Everything will fall into place. It's okay if your house isn't perfect and clean, because when your kid grows up and thinks back, he/she is not going to remember if the dishes were done. 

Who is your favorite supermom? I love Chelsey from the Paper Mama. She's got a design/paper/whatever shop going on and she's so busy with her blog. She's my idol.

Thanks so much to Jess for participating! I can totally relate to the lack of sleep part. (If only there were more hours in a day...) If you haven't already checked out Jess's blog, definitely give it a look - it's full of honest and candid thoughts on motherhood, documents her weight loss journey, and has awesome hair and style posts to boot. Also, if you're looking for a banner or button design check out her shop here and help her get to Alt Summit!


P.S. If you haven't already commented on my ideabook for, I'd really appreciate one! Each comment counts as a vote for me and you could win up to $250 too!


  1. This is a great idea for a ongoing post theme! Love Jess too :-D

  2. this was awesome! thank you so much for featuring me!

  3. A great post!! Just hopped over here from Jess's blog! Happy to find you!

  4. Great post!! I fall asleep when Sky plays sometimes too...eeek.

  5. Yeah, Jess, I don't think you're alone on the falling-asleep-while-the-kid-plays-right-next-to-you thing. I do it, too!

  6. awesome post. i ♥ jess ;)

  7. I've got a whole bunch more supermoms lined up so stay tuned! Jess is awesome!

  8. Thanks so much for participating! It was so fun to read your answers

  9. great post! I feel like I know Jess a bit more

  10. hah....yeah, totally. there are some nights that i fall asleep on the carpet outside the bathroom door while gage is taking a bath.

  11. I think this is a great idea for a series Lauren, and I figured out the commenting issue. I was being blocked at work but am able to comment fine here at home. I also agree with Jess's picks for the toddlers. The Boogie Wipes are such a lifesaver and smell good and feel good on little noses. We have two packs floating around our home. I also love my Tweezerman tweezers too.



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